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Are you a busy entrepreneur, coach, speaker, health or well-being professional with a never ending to do list? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload, totally swamped, in need of help but don’t want the hassle of hiring an employee?  If this sounds like a familiar dilemma then you could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant, and in that case you have come to the right place.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services.  They are your off-site admin professional, in essence, a Freelance PA.  They work for you for a certain number of hours per month and can be based anywhere.  Your VA can help you with tasks that take up too much time or head space or that simply do not fit your strengths.

A VA is both a life and time saver who can help you run your business in different ways.  They relieve their clients of some of the challenges they face with their administrative support needs.

Who am I?

My name is Sophie Hanson and I provide efficient and professional administrative and business support to people who need more time in their day, virtually.  They outsource their necessary but time consuming tasks to me so they’re freed up to focus on other things like bringing in more clients, building their business and making money!  I’m here to help ease my clients work-related anxieties and pressures.

I pride myself on being fast, reliable, and client service-oriented at all times and am committed to creating long lasting partnerships with the individuals I support. My primary aim is to provide my clients with high-quality, professional and efficient support in a timely, affordable, and confidential manner.

How can I help you? 

Just some of the tasks I can relieve you of are (but not limited to):

Social media management and marketing | Blogging | Newsletters and Email Marketing | Event planning and event marketing | proofreading | business communication | copywriting and copyediting | travel planning | internet research | PowerPoint presentations

When you free yourself up by handing over some of these tasks to me:

  • Your workload starts to decrease and dissolve
  • Your work-related stress and anxieties are minimised
  • Your productivity soars and your business thrives since you now have the time to focus on your bigger goals

If you’d like to learn more about how I could help give your business a boost please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media account and profile set up, posting, scheduling, social media marketing, creating images, ad campaigns and more …

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email provider account set up, list management, creation, design, testing and sending of email marketing newsletters and more…

Blogging, Writing and Editing

Blog post writing, blog management, social media posts, website copy, business communications, newsletters, proofreading and more…

Event Management and Marketing

Sourcing of venues, guest registration, budget management, booking speakers and catering, promotion and more …

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